Local News for Concord, NH
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Concord News
Local news for Concord, NH continually updated from thousands of sources on the web.

Letter: The real cause of shifting rivers
24 Apr 2018 at 4:46am
The Monitor 's April 8 front-page article "Controlling the Suncook" really missed the ball. So called "avulsions" are a force of nature - look at the changing course of the Merrimack River through the Concord area.

Liquor agency accuses Volinsky of conspiring with union boss to stage shady b...
23 Apr 2018 at 1:32pm
As a faithful recycler, you're feeling virtuous, even a bit smug, this Earth Day.

Letter: An unconstitutional attack on public education
23 Apr 2018 at 8:59am
As a Concord taxpayer who moved here in large part because of the quality of Concord's schools, I urge state legislators to vote against Senate Bill 193. SB 193 creates a voucher system that diverts taxpayers' money to private schools or home-schooled children.

Concord Coach rolls toward expanded service, possible park-and-ride takeover NEW
23 Apr 2018 at 2:50am
The Concord Coach Lines route map as of April 2018. While Concord to Boston is still the company's bread and butter, expanded operations have seen the bus company initiating routes allowing to travel to the North Country, Maine and even New York City.

Upper Valley composting company will expand to take Concord's scraps NEW
23 Apr 2018 at 2:50am
A Hanover firm that collects organic garbage from Upper Valley households without the space or time to do composting will be expanding to Concord next month, using the Concord Food Co-op on Main Street as a drop-off point while it considers whether to start curbside compost pickup in the area. The founder said the expansion shows that picking up organic garbage isn't just a trendy environmental move but is an actual business.

Fire departments busy Sunday battling brush fires across New Hampshire
23 Apr 2018 at 12:45am
Several fire departments across New Hampshire were busy battling brush fires Sunday afternoon, including in Concord and Litchfield.

Three who gave to NH: Lamprey, Marshall, Mitchell ... R.I.P.
22 Apr 2018 at 5:24am
Shown from left to right, Stewart Lamprey of Meredith, Ken Marshall of Concord and Cheryl Mitchell of Manchester, each in their own way, added value to the Granite State.

Two-sided issue addressed at Discover Wild N.H. Day NEW
22 Apr 2018 at 1:10am
Anti-trapping protesters, including Pamela Michael of Hudson and her husband Steve, hold up signs outside New Hampshire Fish and Game headquarters in Concord during Discover Wild New Hampshire Day, Saturday, April 21, 2018. Pelts and animal mount displays are seen at the New Hampshire TrapperA A ATMs Association tables during Discover Wild New Hampshire Day at New Hampshire Fish and Game headquarters in Concord on Saturday, April 21, 2018.

A mother-son story: How Barbara Bush tried to save Jeb's campaign
22 Apr 2018 at 1:10am
A trio of housekeeping staff noticed Barbara Bush standing in a hotel hallway with her son, Jeb, on a snowy February day in Concord, New Hampshire. Starstruck, the three women bashfully approached the former first lady, who was 90 at the time, as her son stood patiently by holding a stack of papers.

Tilton woman with release in sight walks away from transitional housing unit
21 Apr 2018 at 4:12pm
Sorry I hit your car. Here is $50." That was the message written on a free car wash coupon left on Megan Linehan's 2000 Acura along with 50 bucks.

Letter: Get involved in Penacook Library's future
21 Apr 2018 at 7:01am
In the letter "Speak up for your library, Penacook" , Scott Preston Hardy urges Penacook residents to get involved in the discussion regarding the future of their branch library. I couldn't agree more.

Ratification Way, honoring N.H.'s signature ratifying the U.S....
21 Apr 2018 at 2:31am
Industrial Drive in Concord is now officially named Ratification Way, in honor of New Hampshire being the state whose signature made ratification of the U.S. Constitution official. The change to the road, which intersects South Fruit Street and cuts through the Hugh Gallen state office park, was signed into law Friday by Gov. Chris Sununu.

Concord man accused of trying to slip sheriff's deputies with quick turns at ...
20 Apr 2018 at 1:07am
A Concord man led police on a brief pursuit Thursday in the area of Loudon Road after a Merrimack County Sheriff's deputy attempted to serve him with a warrant. Corey Miller, 25, of Concord was driving a minivan on Loudon Road when sheriffs tried to pull him over, according to Concord police Lt.

Bail reform bill gets strong backing in N.H. House NEW
20 Apr 2018 at 1:07am
A homeless man arrested for walking in a public park after receiving a verbal warning that he was not allowed there served 33 days in jail because he could not post $100 bail. A single mother was sentenced to nine days behind bars because she could not pay $420 in fines after she stole clothes for her two young children.

NH tributes roll in for Barbara Bush
19 Apr 2018 at 6:33am
Former President George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara Bush, are shown during inauguration ceremonies on the west front of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 20, 2005.

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