Local News for Cambridge, MA
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Cambridge News
Local news for Cambridge, MA continually updated from thousands of sources on the web.

Gene therapy targets sickle-cell disease
12 Dec 2018 at 6:30pm
Elliott Vichinsky estimates that at least 30% of his adult patients with sickle-cell disease die from preventable causes. Red blood cells are supposed to be shaped like concave discs, but in people with sickle-cell disease, a mutation in a single gene collapses them into a crescent shape.

Reviewing Solid Biosciences
12 Dec 2018 at 2:01pm
Solid Biosciences and Nightstar Therapeutics are both small-cap medical companies, but which is the superior business? We will contrast the two businesses based on the strength of their institutional ownership, dividends, risk, earnings, analyst recommendations, valuation and profitability. 63.6% of Solid Biosciences shares are owned by institutional investors.

Incoming congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez reveals Jewish ancestry at New York Hanu...
12 Dec 2018 at 5:15am
Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez asks 2014 Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai a question at the Kennedy School's Institute of Politics at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., on Dec. 6, 2018. Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez surprised the crowd at a Hanukkah event in New York on Sunday with a revelation that she has Jewish heritage.

Harvard University police investigating sexual assault in Cambridge
12 Dec 2018 at 12:44am
The incident happened at about 12:45 a.m. on Plympton Street in Cambridge, near Quincy House, according to the Harvard University Police Department. Police said the woman was approached by two men who called out to her and that one of the men grabbed her, threw her against a wall, and then kissed her and fondled her chest.

Voyager 2 Makes It Through
11 Dec 2018 at 7:58pm
Voyager 2 has now gone interstellar, making it not only NASA's single longest-running mission but one of only two spacecraft that have crossed over from the heliosphere to true interstellar space, what scientists call the Local Interstellar Medium . On that note, it's interesting to put the Solar System in context.

Liz Peek: Ocasio-Cortez backs green policies that would hurt the poor and cri...
10 Dec 2018 at 9:52pm
Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who won her bid for a seat in the House of Representatives in New York's 14th Congressional District, asks 2014 Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai a question at the Kennedy School's Institute of Politics at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez promises that going green – removing all fossil fuels from our energy mix – will "establish economic, social and racial justice in the United States."

NASA's Most Famous Spacecraft Is Now In Interstellar Space And Headed To 'Dog...
10 Dec 2018 at 5:26pm
In this artist's conception, NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft has a bird's-eye view of the solar system. In 40,000 years, Voyager 2 will pass 1.7 light-years from the star Ross 248, and in about 296,000 years, it will pass 4.3 light-years from Traveling at 38,000 miles per hour and now slightly more than 11 billion miles from Earth, Voyager 2 has, according to mission scientists, exited the heliosphere, the protective 'bubble' of solar wind created by the Sun.

Voyager 2 moves into interstellar space
10 Dec 2018 at 5:26pm
Eleven billion miles from Earth, NASA's long-lived Voyager 2 probe, still beaming back data 41 years after its launch in 1977, has finally moved into interstellar space, scientists revealed Monday, joining its Voyager 2 moved past the boundary of the heliosphere, the protective bubble defined by the sun's magnetic field and electrically charged solar wind, on Nov. 5. The transition was marked by a sharp decline in the number of charged particles detected by the spacecraft's plasma science experiment, or PLS. Three other instruments measured corresponding changes in cosmic rays, low-energy particles and magnetic field strength.

Nasa Voyager II becomes second spacecraft to leave final frontier of our sola...
10 Dec 2018 at 5:26pm
Nasa has announced that the Voyager 2 probe has entered the very edge of our solar system and zoomed off into uncharted territory. This makes it the second spacecraft to travel into deep space after Voyager 1 waved goodbye to our star system in 2012.

Will Mass. embrace ranked voting?
10 Dec 2018 at 12:55pm
A slide from a presentation about how ranked-voting works as it appears on the Maine Secretary of State's website. Sun staff photos can be ordered by visiting our SmugMug site.

'Borderline Impossible': Noted Scientist Tackles Sea Level Rise Alarmism
10 Dec 2018 at 8:19am
When it comes to alarming projections of global warming-induced sea level rise, veteran climate scientist Judith Curry says people need to cool it. Curry's latest research , put together for clients of her consulting company near the end of November, looks in detail at projections of sea level rise.

Robotics startup developing an electric scooter that repairs itself
10 Dec 2018 at 3:53am
As their devices have spread across the country this year, electric scooter companies have been criticized for deploying models that break apart in use, catch fire and lull vulnerable riders into a false sense of safety. Superpedestrian - a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based micro-mobility company known for making electric bicycles - plans to begin producing an "industrial grade e-scooter" capable of operating on a single charge for several days, self-diagnosing mechanical problems and removing itself from circulation using "vehicle intelligence."

Hoo, doggie, did this guy own the libs today
9 Dec 2018 at 3:48am
Several people report spotting some lame-ass pickup plastered with MAGAcrap - and boasting a plow - being driven around areas today where it's sure to make people cry, like Cambridge and Arlington. Joe Wright got a picture of the pickup and the man behind the stickers in Cambridge, between Harvard and Porter squares.

Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities Unveils First-of-its-Kind House...
8 Dec 2018 at 7:23pm
CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts: The Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities at the Harvard Graduate School of Design announced today the completion of HouseZero, the retrofitting of its headquarters in a pre-1940s building in Cambridge into an ambitious living-laboratory and an energy-positive prototype for ultra-efficiency that will help us to understand buildings in new ways. The design of HouseZero has been driven by radically ambitious performance targets from the outset, including nearly zero energy for heating and cooling, zero electric lighting during the day, operating with 100 percent natural ventilation, and producing zero carbon emissions.

Ivy League mania warps students and colleges alike
8 Dec 2018 at 12:46pm
Rowers pass the campus of Harvard University as they paddle down the Charles River in Cambridge, Mass. T.M. Landry College Preparatory, a scrappy independent school in Breaux Bridge, La., gained fame over the past five years for sending many of its underprivileged African American students off to Ivy League colleges.

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